Adding new windows to your home is a big decision that takes careful consideration. Installing new Gleed, WA, windows is an investment into the value of your home, but you may not want to spend the money unless you absolutely need to. Knowing when your windows are past their prime can make the decision a little easier. Keep these top reasons to replace the windows in your home in mind when you are trying to decide whether to make the investment or not. 

windows in Gleed, WA

  • Improved appearance: There are several reasons to add new Gleed, WA, windows in your home, and at the top of the list is the improved appearance that they offer. Your home will become more updated and modernized with the installation of new windows. You’ll appreciate the value they add as well as the look they offer both inside and out.  
  • Broken panes: If your windows have suffered unfortunate breakage to the glass panes, you are certainly in need of new Gleed, WA, windows. While oftentimes the panes can be replaced, you may opt to have the whole window replaced as a cost-saving measure. 
  • Cracks and chips: When multiple windows in your home are experiencing chips and cracks, it is a sure sign that you need to replace them with new Gleed, WA, windows. This will repair the unsightly blemishes and offer you additional functionality without having a safety hazard to worry about.  
  • Broken seals: If the seals in your windows are a little worse for wear, you may want to consider replacing them with new window options. When you have broken seals in your Gleed, WA, windows, you will experience uncomfortable drafts as there is nothing stopping the outdoor air from getting in. New windows provide a strong seal that keeps your home airtight.  
  • Won’t open: When you have windows that won’t function as they should, it is time to invest in new Gleed, WA, windows throughout your home. This will allow you to open and close them as needed so you can enjoy some fresh air while also locking them securely at night or when you are not home without worry. 
  • Increased energy costs: If you are starting to see a rise in your energy costs, adding new Gleed, WA, windows to your home can help reduce these costs. New windows offer greater energy efficiency with multiple panes of glass that protect against the cold of the winter and the heat of the summer. You’ll actually see your heating and cooling bill decrease with the installation of new windows in your home. 

Adding new Gleed, WA, windows in your home is a good way to improve your home value while also taking advantage of the many benefits they offer. You’ll appreciate the new look these windows offer as well as the cost saving advantages you’ll see with their installation. When you are looking for new windows for your home, contact McKinney Glass. We are located at 221 S 1st St. in Yakima, WA. Call us at 509-248-2770 or visit our website at