When you are shopping for new windows for your home, you may be overwhelmed by the number of options available in the market today. There is a style of window for everyone’s taste, but one option that you may have not considered is casement windows in Yakima, WA. These windows offer several advantages that you just can’t get with traditional window models. Keep these benefits of casement windows in mind as you shop for new windows for your home. 

casement windows in Yakima, WA

  • Seamless look: Because casement windows in Yakima, WA, have a limited amount of muntins on the glass window panes, you’ll have a sheer glass look that is inviting and seamless. These windows provide an uninterrupted look to them and can help open up any room. You’ll benefit from the access and view casement windows offer, and have a full glass look that isn’t obstructed by muntins in any way.  
  • Better views: Without muntins clogging up the glass pane, you’ll have a glorious open view of the outdoors with casement windows in Yakima, WA. Casement windows use full panes of glass that offer better vistas and can help bring the natural outdoors into your home. These are the perfect windows to add to your home when you want to enjoy the breathtaking view right outside your door.  
  • More air circulation: Casement windows in Yakima, WA, also offer better airflow into your home. These windows crank open at an angle and are able to catch that side breeze with ease. You’ll enjoy more fresh air in your home than a traditional window and be able to take advantage of a fresher home with their installation. These windows open wide and are easy to function, so you can experience increased air circulation whenever you want.  
  • Added security: The locks and latches of casement windows in Yakima, WA, are designed to offer better security for your home. These windows are harder to gain entry from the outside so you and your family will be safer inside. You’ll rest easy when you have casement windows installed at your house, knowing that no one can gain entry without your permission. 
  • Easy to operate: Casement windows in Yakima, WA, are simple and easy to use on a daily basis. Their crank functionality lets you open your windows as little or as much as you want. You can easily crank these windows wide open when the weather warrants and crack them when you only need a little airflow inside your home. You have complete control over the amount of air you let into your home with casement windows, making them a very flexible window to install.  

Casement windows in Yakima, WA, are the ideal choice for any home. They offer a myriad of benefits that can’t be ignored by any homeowner and should be on your home improvement list as you look to upgrade your home with new windows. To add casement windows to your home, contact McKinney Glass. We are located at 221 S 1st St. in Yakima, WA. Call us at 509-248-2770 or visit our website at https://mckinneyglass.com.